The Coronavirus Pandemic has changed the business of importing fish.  Namely, international flights that carry live cargo have been dramatically reduced and international freight rates have increased almost 400% during the pandemic.  In lieu of trying to guess what customers want and then holding a large amount of expensive inventory, we have decided to offer pre-orders of fish for both African wild fish as well as Euro Fish (captive raised fish) imports.  Preorders will receive a substantial discount of 25% off retail pricing.  All preorders must be paid in advance, are first come-first serve, and are non-refundable unless the fish cannot be delivered as ordered.

Once a collection of wild fish has started, we will post the fish that are anticipated to be collected and the estimated arrival time.  It can take 4-8 weeks from the time a collection starts until the fish arrive to the US.

We plan to place Euro Fish orders once a quarter and will post the availability list  2 weeks ahead of the order being placed.   Depending on flight availability, Euro Fish shipments usually arrive within 2 weeks of the full order being placed.

Pre-Order fish can be found under the SHOP Section of this website, or click here Pre-Order Fish.

To ensure the 25% off discount is applied:   at checkout, the code 25off must be entered in a box that will appear on the right side of the page, and then Apply must be clicked.  25% will be deducted from the fish price.