• Tropheus - Wild Caught & Pond Raised Special Order

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    Many types of wild and pond-raised tropheus are available on a special-order basis.  Due to changes in market demand, we no longer hold imported tropheus in inventory.  We encourage beginning tropheus keepers to consider bred juveniles before venturing into imported fish.  Domestic bred fish are generally healthier and eat better than imports.  In addition, because tropheus do better in large groups, building a colony with young fish is considerably less expensive than doing so with imports. 

    Customers who are interested in imported (wild and pond raised) tropheus are welcome to contact us for an estimate of cost for the variant(s) desired.  In general, pricing ranges from $25-$35 per fish for wild fish, and less for pond raised, with a minimum special order of 12 fish per variant.  The more common variants found in Tanzanian, Zambian, and mid-to south Congo waters are usually available several times a year, and include most moorii variants and some brichardi variants. Wild Duboisi and common North Congo tropheus (i.e. Bemba and Kiriza) are not available via special order as these fish are easily obtainable as tank and/or pond raised.