Wild fish - Tanganyika & Malawi LIST SEE BELOW FOR DETAILS



We maintain a limited selection of wild stock in inventory as well as provide customers a chance to acquire fish thru our collecting/importing activities.  Listed below are wild fish currently instock as of February 13, 2018.  You may also check our sister website  Go Wild African Cichlids and Facebook page Go Wild African Cichlids for more recent updates and collecting activity.

Current In-stock Wild Fish:

Altolamp Calvus Congo 

Altolamp Compressiceps Goldhead

Altolamp Compressiceps Mbita

Cyprichromis Jumbo Mpimbwe (Back Bee)

Ectodus descampsi

Flavipinnis  Ikola

Frontosa Chaitika

Frontosa Moba

Frontosa Mpimbwe

Neolamp Cunningtoni


Papilio Kipili

Spilopterus Mabilibili

Aulonocara Blue Neon, Lwanda, Mamelela, Usisya (MALES ONLY)