Cichlids and Herps Store is owned and operated by Alison Lowe and Howard Irgang.  We began raising fish in 1994, under the name of Tropical Fish Atlanta, and added reptiles in 2002.  We previously owned Tropical Fish Atlanta Pet Center, located in McDonough, Georgia.  With a pending retirement move to the Mississippi Gulf Coast in 2005, and plans to promote the fish and reptiles exclusively through the internet, we decided to not renew our retail store lease and closed the operation.  We chose the name Cichlids and Herps, Unlimited to more appropriately reflect our future activities.  2006 was the year of "the move," and involved relocating 6,000+ gallons of fish tanks, breeding stock and the reptile breeder groups into a 2200 square foot building.  By 2015, we had grown to nearly 300 fish tanks, primarily holding African Cichlids.    The cichlids are available for purchase via our online store, or through email/phone correspondence.  Local sales and/or pickup is available by pre-purchasing fish and then arranging pickup by appointment only.  We understand that for customers to be comfortable making an internet purchase there must be trust as well as good customer service.  Bob Keeton joined us in 2015 as our sales and customer service representative.  We are committed to providing top notch customer service and prompt, reliable communication.  We are proud to have 14 years of 100% positive feedback from transactions on - the standard for on-line fish auctions.

This climate controlled building is home to all of our fish and reptiles